The issue of Michael Jackson’s will—containing disposition of assets and appointment of guardians for his children—can finally be addressed.

Sources say that Jackson’s final will was drawn up in 2002, after the delivery/birth/acquisition of baby Blanket aka Prince Michael II. The word is that Jackson’s longtime attorney and adviser John Branca, the man who kept Jackson out of many calamities in the 1980s and 90s, is the executor.

As early as sometime this weekend, Branca may share the contents of the will with the people named in it.

Jackson’s will—if it wasn’t updated at all since 2002—would then not include his feelings about people and events that came later, including his 2003 arrest and 2005 child molestation trial. That could cut both ways for certain people in Jackson’s inner circle. Some of them were helpful when Jackson was in trouble, some were not.

It’s possible that codicils address Jackson’s more recent financial issues including his monstrous debts and mortgages, as well as ownership of his intellectual property.

-- Nielsen Business Media