In the week following his death, sales and airplay for Michael Jackson have increased significantly across Europe.

The latest chart updates show that Jackson has 14 new entries (or re-entries) in the Irish singles chart and eight in the top 75 Irish albums chart. He has four of the top five albums in Ireland, including the top three.

In Sweden, Jackson has 12 new entries in the singles chart and four in the albums chart, while there are 19 new entries in the top 100 singles in the Netherlands. Jackson also has four new entries in the Dutch album chart - and he has three of the top five albums there.

There are also two new entries in the Hungarian top 40 albums and two in the Polish top 50 albums.

As previously reported, the most immediate impact in an established national chart was in the U.K. on Sunday (June 28), when the Official Charts Company (OCC) revealed that Jackson held 11 of the top 200 album positions and 43 of the top 200 singles in the U.K.

Jackson's 2003 compilation "Number Ones" (Epic) went to the top in Britain. And he could have an even bigger presence on the U.K. charts by Sunday (July 5).

Elsewhere in the world, this week Jackson has two albums in the Danish top 40, six in the top 100 in Spain plus three apiece in Wallonie and Flanders. Finland has two in the top 40 and Portugal has one in the top 30. Because of different territories' varying chart compilation dates and rules, a heftier showing can be expected next week.

According to Nielsen Music Control data, Jackson had 19 songs in the U.K. radio airplay chart in the days after his death, with "Billie Jean" the highest re-entry at No. 26. On June 26 following news of his death, total plays for "Billie Jean" on that day went from 33 the day before to a total of 503.

The total number of U.K. plays for Jackson for the seven days up to June 27 was 9,237.

In Romania, there were 10 Jackson songs in the official airplay chart up to June 28, while Denmark had seven Jackson songs in the airplay chart up to June 28, with "Billie Jean" also at No. 26 there.