TuneCore has struck a wide-ranging deal with Universal Music Group to deliver major-label marketing services to its DIY indie clients.

Under the deal, UMG labels will resell TuneCore's digital distribution services, and add their own marketing services as well. TuneCore currently helps indie artists sell their music through a variety of digital retailers such as iTunes.

To do so, each label will create a custom Web site, powered by TuneCore, where artists can sign up to have their music distributed and take advantage of the marketing support the labels are providing.

Marketing support will differ by label, but will include services like licensing support, professional audio mastering, servicing tracks to radio, etc. The label will hold no rights to the artist's music, nor take any revenue from digital sales. Rather, it's an A&R play that lets UMG build relationships with artists with virtually no risk.

Participating labels will monitor the artists signing up to TuneCore via these portals and offer support opportunities where applicable. This can include anything from offering a TuneCore artist a supporting spot on a UMG artist's tour to a recording contract.

As for existing TuneCore artists, TuneCore founder and CEO Jeff Price says his intent it to let them take advantage of the major label opportunities as well, but the logistics of how to do so are still being worked out.

Going further, TuneCore investor Guitar Center has agreed to distribute UMG recordings in its more than 200 stores nationwide as a non-traditional retail channel for the label. Physical product would include both UMG artists as well as select TuneCore artists.

"Honestly, Universal is one of the most forward thinking record labels on the planet," said TuneCore founder and CEO Jeff Price in a statement. "With this deal UMGD has truly changed the rules and the major label model by providing true choice for a musician. If an artist is doing well, there is a direct line through which UMGD can extend its hand or, via the existing TuneCore model, the artist can choose to continue to succeed on their own. It is the continuation of the shift to serve the musician."

This is just the latest in a string of new partnerships for both companies. Last year UMG made an investment in digital distributor INgrooves to expand its digital portfolio for independent acts. TuneCore, meanwhile, struck a deal with Live Nation under which TuneCore artists who sell 200 songs to fans within a 30-mile radius of a House of Blues location will get a guaranteed gig at the venue for a minimum payment of $100.