New York-based media and entertainment law firm Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, PC, announced today a global services alliance with music business law firm Serling Rooks Ferrara McKoy & Worob, LLP. Through the alliance, the two firms will be positioned to provide clients with a complete portfolio of legal services.

"This innovative arrangement provides our entertainment clients with Serling Rooks' unparalleled music business expertise, and their clients with our firm's wide range of premium media and entertainment services," said Frankfurt Kurnit partner Amy Nickin in a release.

Frankfurt Kurnit's client service areas also include advertising, intellectual property, litigation, technology, corporate, finance, tax and estate planning. The two law firms will continue to operate independently in their current offices and under their current firm names.

Frankfurt Kurnit clients include the Tribeca Film Festival, Aaron Sorkin, Dean Koontz, John Goodman, Scholastic Inc., The Gatorade Company, Nike and Sephora USA, Inc. Serling Rooks clients include Lady Gaga, Fallout Boy, John Mayer, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Ozzy Osbourne, Moby, Pete Seeger and Ani DiFranco.