"Viva el Sueño!" the Univision network reality show that will feature already signed acts competing against each other for cash prizes and mass exposure, debuts Aug. 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Unlike other music reality shows, where the contestants are unknowns, "Viva" went after already signed acts who still haven't had major success. The 14 competing acts come from the United States, Latin America and Spain and include a wide range of genres and backgrounds; some of them are already established songwriters, others have won other reality shows and others have successful careers in specific countries.

Contestants will prepare every week for a live show and will be judged by a trio of radio hosts and personalities: Raul Brindis, from Univision Radio's Estéreo Latino 102.9 FM in Houston; regional Mexican DJ Stephanie Himonidis and Miami radio personality Enrique Santos from Univision's La Kalle, 98.3 FM. Contestants will vie for $200,000 in cash and prizes with viewers voting to select finalists and winners.

The show will be hosted by actor Cristian de la Fuente.