-- Ad-supported music service Qtrax continues to struggle as it moves towards launch. It now faces multiple lawsuits by technology vendors that it has yet to pay. Oracle, Millennium Information Technologies and Las Vegas Wall Street Group have all filed suit for payment default against the company, according to documents uncovered by CNET, and reportedly also owes cash to at least one major label. It is not unusual for start-up companies to have financial difficulties, and Qtrax says it has secured additional funding with plans to go live in the very near future. (CNET)

-- MySpace might be in the process of acquiring the social music discovery service iLike, according to a report in TechCrunch. The blog expects a $20 million sale to occur sometime this week. iLike has been on a role recently, adding a music download store, several iPhone apps, and artist page features to the service. Ironically, it was iLike’s integration into MySpace rival Facebook that catapulted the small service into the mainstream. Exactly how iLike will continue to function with Facebook or how iLike and the MySpace Music service are intertwined should the acquisition come to pass are two key areas to watch. (TechCrunch)

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