Robbie Williams' comeback single "Bodies" (Virgin/EMI) is enjoying European-wide airplay on hundreds of stations, with heavy rotation in key territories.

The U.K. pop singer's track entered the U.K. Radio Airplay Chart, compiled by Nielsen Music Control, at No. 40 based on just two days' play for the week ending Sept. 5. It also entered national airplay charts at No. 49 in Denmark, No. 54 in Ireland, No. 61 in Spain and No. 68 in Sweden.

"Bodies" debuted on radio at 8am U.K. time on Sept. 5. The track is likely to appear in other territories' airplay charts this week. To date, the track has had 1,586 plays in four days across Europe.

The Virgin France station has had the track on heavy rotation, with 22 plays according to Nielsen Music Control. Stations in Germany - a major market for Williams - are also embracing the track, with top 40 station Big FM airing "Bodies" 17 times.

Commercial pop radio in the U.K. has also shown its early support for "Bodies," but the track has built much of its British audience via the two big BBC networks. National top 40 station BBC Radio 1 has played "Bodies" seven times, while national AC network BBC Radio 2 has aired it six times.

The single is the first from his new set, "Reality Killed the Video Star," which was produced by Trevor Horn. The album is out Nov. 9, following the Oct. 12 physical release of "Bodies" and the Oct. 11 digital release.

The album will roll out internationally around the U.K. release date, with a U.S. digital release due Nov. 10. According to his label, Williams has sold 55 million albums worldwide.

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