Spain's most popular national Top 40 radio network and a leading domestic fashion chain have created a music and fashion brand called the Music Collection, which is launched Sept. 10 in a central Madrid clothes shop for young people with an in-store concert by pop band Efecto Mariposa.

Los 40 Principales, part of Grupo Prisa's radio division, Cadena SER, will arrange for artists to stage live sets in young fashion outlets called Linea U, which is part of the Adolfo Dominguez chain. Dominguez is regarded as Spain's top fashion designer, and he has an international chain of outlets. Los 40 has a daily audience of 3.4 million listeners, says media survey company EGM.

The Music Collection is a fashion line created for people aged 18-29 "who are passionate about music and fashion," says Los 40 Principales in a statement. It is the first time in Spain that a fashion house and a music concern have allied in this way to attract the same segment of young people.

The clothes are based on London fashion, with Dominguez designer Gala Gonzalez exploring the latest from the U.K. capital.

In-store sets by artists selected by Los 40 will continue in Linea U stores across the country during the fall and winter fashion seasons.