-- Activision is considering developing a version of Guitar Hero that doesn't require a gaming console to play, according to comments from CEO Bobby Kotick at an investor conference. Exactly how that would happen is not clear, and Kotick did not elaborate. However he did say that bypassing console developers like Microsoft (Xbox360) and Sony (PlayStation3) would reduce the number of hands in the revenue pot for downloadable content.

"I think what the untethered Guitar Hero does is equal the playing field a little more and give you some leverage with first parties when it comes to downloadable content and the business model," Kotick said.

Activision and Warner Music Group are at odds over the revenue split for the songs downloadable to the game. (GameSpot)

-- "Little" Steven Van Zandt of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band is reportedly planning to launch a social networking site focused on music, artists and fans. Called Fuzztopia, the site is designed as a sort of interactive communications portal where artists and fans can talk shop.

"It's going to be like an insiders' sort of Web site [where] fans are welcome to peek in backstage," he told the Wall Street Journal. "It will be very revealing about what those musicians are thinking, where they get guitar strings at 2 a.m. in Cleveland, what's their favorite diner in Oslo."

It also will include music streaming and sales, music classes and tops. Currently in beta, it's scheduled to go live in three to six months.