Warner Music Group and YouTube reportedly have resolved their licensing dispute, and WMG's catalog will soon reappear on the online video streaming site soon.

AdAge, citing two unnamed executives, says the deal is done, and is only waiting to finish re-adding Warner's music to the service before making the announcement.

The AdAge report also says that Warner is negotiating to join the Vevo music video venture between YouTube and labels Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. According to the report, Vevo would not be the exclusive distributor of the WMG catalog the way it is for UMG and Sony.

While representatives at Warner and YouTube declined to comment, sources close to the negotiations called the story “premature.” The sources characterized the Warner-YouTube dispute as “close” but not imminent.

As for the Vevo discussions, sources characterized them as “beginning stages” in which nothing has been decided -- including whether Vevo will be the exclusive distributor or not -- and that nothing has been put into writing yet.

Warner's dispute with YouTube reached a head last December, when after failing to come to new content licensing terms after their original deal expired YouTube stopped hosting music videos from Warner artists and muted the sound on user-contributed videos that included music on the label's roster.

Talks were rumored to have started up again earlier this summer, with a resolution expected before the end of the year.