A settlement has been reach between 23 record labels in Japan and two people found to have used WinMX software to illegally upload music files.

The two were caught when the ISP they were using provided information about their activities to the authorities. The two have agreed to pay 1 million yen ($11,244) each and sign an oath pledging to stop violating copyright.

The pair uploaded in excess of 800 files and were warned repeatedly but declined to stop infringing on copyright. The two agreed to the settlement after meetings with the rights holders.

The group of 23 labels comprises just about every major player in the record label industry, including Avex Entertainment, Universal Music Japan, Warner Music Japan, EMI Music Japan, Sony Music Records, Johnny's Entertainment, Columbia Music Entertainment and Epic Records Japan.

Since March 2004, over 12,200,000 warnings have been sent out to those using WinMX to violate copyright. The WinMX software employed to upload files without rights holders' permission is a peer-to-peer file-sharing program authored by Frontcode Technologies.