Spanish language radio network Spanish Broadcasting Systems (SBS) has unveiled plans to launch a “monthly rotating infomercial” program that will allow artists and labels to purchase infomercials featuring full tracks that will play on SBS stations nationwide.

The announcement was made today (Oct. 8) during the “Artist Development” panel at Billboard’s regional Mexican Music summit in Los Angeles. The infomercial program is designed to give exposure to new acts in search of exposure.

Infomercials consist of full-length tracks, preceded by an announcement that states who is “sponsoring” play of the track. Artists or labels will be able to purchase different “packages” whose price fluctuates according to number of spins per month.

The infomercials will air between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. weekdays, and will not be part of the regular day programming. SBS director of new business development Manny Mora will run the program.