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-- Qtrax, which has been holed up in the "where are they now?" file for a few months, issued a press release on Wednesday with details of its Asia Pacific rollout. Australia and New Zealand get the ad-supported music download service on November 5, followed by Singapore on November 12. China, seventh on the list, will get Qtrax on December 17. "We don't think that the ad supported model has been well represented in the music arena," said said Lance Ford, chief marketing officer, Qtrax, and president, Rebel Digital. "Indeed, we think its potential is huge but there has been a basic lack of understanding of how to make it work optimally. We intend to do things very differently." Qtrax has not gained traction in the U.S. But just as Friendster fell and later re-focused its efforts in Asia, Qtrax may find success yet. (Press release)

-- Will MySpace's artist dashboard help it compete, and does it serve artists well? "I checked the features out myself via my band's MySpace account," wrote a blogger at the Nashville Cream, "and I will admit that it's mildly fascinating. Who doesn't want to know how many 65-year-old ladies have visited their band's profile? But it isn't helpful. These features don't make the site more user friendly or beneficial, and the whole thing mostly just screams, 'Please don't leave us for Bandcamp!'"He then linked to a post by academic and co-founder of the Music Think Tank blog Andrew Dubber that called on a new service to "to step up and take their place as the default home for independent music online." But all that was before MySpace Music's partnership with Google. Competing services like Bandcamp don't allow for full-song streams placed at the very top of Google's search results. Better keep that MySpace music player stocked. (Nashville Cream)

-- Fortune had a good interview with Lala founder Bill Nguyen on the day the company announced a partnership with Google. "In summer of this year, the conversations really picked up around, how can you connect with some much bigger websites? We've been talking to Facebook for almost a year about how to take advantage of all the amazing social features they have on their site. It's been an ongoing process." The Google news is huge, but Lala is also partnering with Facebook. One big aspect of that deal is the integration with Facebook's payment system. That makes low-cost, impulse purchases very easy. Lala uses a wallet for payments. So users fill up their Lala wallet ($5 minimum) in a single transaction then make purchases through the wallet. It's a hurdle that does not have to be faced in the Facebook purchase environment. (

-- Speaking of Lala, TechCrunch has an exclusive hands-on video (over three minutes long) of the upcoming Lala iPhone app. The app is currently waiting for Apple's approval. The reviewer calls it "well done," "slick" and "surprisingly fast." (TechCrunch)

-- YouTube got close to ten million streams of U2's live webcast from the Rose Bowl on Sunday night. Those streams were spread out over the length of the concert (which ran over two hours). And YouTube did not break down viewership by country; the concert could be viewed in 16 countries. (MediaMemo)

-- Warner Music Group will release its financial results for its Q4 and fiscal year ending September 30 on Tuesday, November 24. (Press release)

-- Live Nation will release its Q3 financial results on Monday, November 9. (Press release)

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