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-- Nine million users - or 24% of its entire user base - have signed up for Pandora through a smartphone. The service has been installed on 13 million smartphones to date, meaning 34% of its users have installed Pandora on a smartphone (the service currently counts 38 million users). Back in August, NPD's Russ Crupnick said more than 20% of the Internet population was aware of Pandora, and 40% of those who are aware had used the service. By those numbers, that's about 8% or 9% of the Internet population using Pandora. With such a broad reach, it's no wonder paid services are having a tough time getting traction. Pandora is an excellent product that's easy to use. Its very nature it appeals to mainstream listeners. The same cannot be said for some on-demand streaming services. (GigaOm, via Music Ally)

-- Tech blog Ars Technica has a good overview of the judge's decision to extend an injuction in EMI's legal wrangling with BlueBeat. In short, the judge didn't buy the argument that computer software created an entirely new work by reimagining the original. The judge's decision said BlueBeat did not provide details on the technical process used to create new versions of songs or adequately explain how its "new" versions are different from the EMI's original recordings. (Ars Technica)

-- Ambassador Theatre Group's £90 million ($149 million) acquisition of Live Nation's UK theaters is being reviewed by the Office of Fair Trading. While the OFT solicits opinion from the theater industry as to whether or not the purchase has substantially reduced competition, Ambassador will have to operate its newly acquired theaters as a separate entity. The process is expected to take until mid-January. (The Stage)

-- Online video streams rose 26% year over year in October, according to Nielsen. With 6.6 billion streams and 106 million unique viewers, YouTube was the No. 1 brand - by a mile. Hulu was again the No. 2 brand. In October it had 633 million streams and 13.4 million unique viewers. Hulu's growth in October was huge. In September, Hulu served 437 million streams to 13.5 million unique viewers. In August, Hulu had 392 million streams and 9.9 million unique viewers. (NielsenWire)

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