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-- Screenshots of We7's iPhone app are posted to TechCrunch Europe. According to the blog, CEO Steve Purdham is holding back the app because it could drive too many users before the company's advertising division can properly monetize them. The mobile apps, for iPhone and Android, will launch in Q1 2010. (TechCrunch Europe)

-- Linn Products, a manufacturer of high-end home stereo systems, announced it will cease producing CD players and focus on producing digital streaming equipment. "CD players no longer belong in the specialist domain," said the company's managing director. Is this a harbinger of things to come? Most likely. The CD can hold on as a format as long as people continue to buy and own CD players. When CD players are no longer in cars or computers, expect interest in the format to fall even more. For example, consider the number of small netbook computers that are being sold without a disc drive. There's little incentive to buy music CDs or store music on CDs when you can't play the CD or rip the files from the netbook. (BBC News)

-- Playdar, a music content resolver that made a bit of noise a few months ago, has been made more user friendly. First, it's now easy to install to both Windows and Macs. Second, now there are apps that use Playdar. PlayGrub, for example, uses Playdar to find all the music located on a web page and instantly create a playlist. It's a very cool way to re-organize what is already on the page. What Playdar does is essentially help the user find titles in his/her music collection without manually checking every possible source (hard drive, online services, home or office network, etc.). There is one aspect to Playdar that has much larger implications: By using Playdar, a song selected on a music streaming site could be streamed from the user's computer or network if available. That would save both bandwidth and, possibly, royalties. (Music Machinery)

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