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-- Global consumer confidence is on the rebound, according to the latest Economic Current by Nielsen. Of the 12 countries surveyed, only Germany showed a decline. France and Taiwan showed record improvement. In the U.S., consumers are mostly neutral about the recovery as they continue to move toward store brands, value channels and buying on promotion. (Recap at NielsenWire, or download the 22-page Economic Current presentation by Nielsen)

-- To appreciate the value in sometimes ignoring the biased opinions of early digital adopters, read this post at the Register that surprisingly asks: Who keeps buying all those CDs? Mainstream consumers, that's who keeps buying CDs. In the U.S., the digerati of the West and East Coasts are often painfully out of step with consumers in middle America. If they peek outside their bubbles, they'd see regular music fans still buy and listen the format that has been proclaimed dead - not dying, but dead - an incredible number of times. (The Register)

-- Music Ally continues its discussion on free advertising music models with a talk with Wayne Rosso, who headed P2P service Grokster as well as the never-launched Mashboxx service. Rosso's take on streaming is unique: streaming is promotion that leads to a download purchase. While many people see streaming-based access models as the future of music, Rosso believes people today want to own their music. Thus, paid downloads are the end goal and streaming services should be supported. "What they should look at is what they can do to upsell. Whether it be a Spotify or a Rhapsody or Napster it's all in the upsell and that's the difficult part. A free streaming service is a promotional tool to sell a more robust product. The only reason to put advertising in it is to cover the cost of the content and you're still going to lose money. If the ultimate goal is to grow the market you've got to come out and be creative." (Music Ally)

-- Spotify has a new chief technology officer, Oskar Stal, formerly of mobile transaction company mBlox. (Spotify blog)

-- On Cyber Monday, U.S. consumers spent 14% more than last year and purchased 30% more items per order, according to Coremetrics. The Kindle, an electronic book reader, was's best-selling item on Monday. In addition, said it sold out of 8GB iPod Touches that sell for $158. (

-- The transcript of Warner Music Group's fiscal Q4 earnings call from November 24. (Seeking Alpha)

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