Fonovisa celebrated its 25th anniversary with an extensive retail, online and television cross-promotional campaign that sought to highlight multiple releases, both frontline and catalog. The end result is that Fonovisa was the Top Latin Albums Imprint of the year, with 77 charting titles. President Gustavo López said aggressive pricing that didn’t undermine the value of the product was key to generating sales, along with the retail positioning that was obtained as part of the label’s anniversary campaign.

“We were trying to regain our retail space,” he says. “And by the same token, we didn’t release a lot of product for our 25th anniversary. We focused on hit product and it was a great strategy because we locked up space with our retailers and we also had the same campaign running on TV as well.”

Overall, adds López, a major objective with the anniversary campaign and beyond was to “maximize the Fonovisa brand. Everything was tied in.” Maximization of the brand also allowed key positioning for developing artists like new corrido star Larry Hernandez and regional Mexican singer/songwriter Espinoza Paz.

But many of Fonovisa's “hit products” came from established regional Mexican acts like Los Tigres del Norte, Los Temerarios, Jenni Rivera and Banda El Recodo—whose contracts with the label were up. Those were renegotiated in the past 12 months, following Universal’s acquisition of Fonovisa. Those artists, says López, were also key to Fonovisa’s sales.

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