Online music service Muziic scored some cheap headlines after the Christmas break, claiming to have added music video content from Vevo to its streaming music service but without the ads. However Vevo and partner YouTube will soon close the loophole that allowed the service access.

Muziic uses YouTube's API - a set of tools that let other Web sites access YouTube's functionality and content - to let users create personalized playlists of any music in YouTube's catalog, sans the video. It basically uses YouTube to provide the content for its user interface.

Since Vevo uses YouTube's technology to power the service, it was a simple matter for Muziic to extend its content to the Vevo catalog. In doing so, Muziic stripped out the pre-roll videos attached to Vevo videos and made access to the videos available to global users.

Vevo quickly responded to the news with a prepared statement:

"VEVO does not authorize, condone or otherwise endorse, in any way whatsoever, the actions of Muziic which involve our licensed music videos or registered trademarks."

Sources close to the company say Vevo and YouTube are modifying YouTube's APIs to deny Muziic and any other service interested in pulling the same stunt access to Vevo content. Vevo maintains it wants other Web sites to syndicate Vevo content and will allow most any service access to its catalog, so long as the ad impressions remain intact.

Vevo officials would not comment on whether any legal action against Muziic is pending.