Howard Stern told his satellite radio listeners Monday morning (Feb. 9) that the rumor is true: "American Idol" producers are, in fact, considering him to replace Simon Cowell as a judge on the show. What's more, he's tempted to take the job and leave his Sirius XM show behind.

"I'll do that for $100 million." Stern said. "For $100 million a year, to judge a karaoke contest? Ok. Why not?"

Stern's exclusive, $100-a-year million contract with Sirius XM expires in January 2011, and on Friday it was widely reported that "Idol" producers are willing to match the shock jock's current salary.

"It might be possible. We'll see," added Stern. "Name a person who could bring more excitement to that show than me."

While adding fuel to the speculation, Stern also gave listeners a taste of what his judging style might be like. "If I was the judge on 'American Idol,' looks would play into the judging, too," Stern said. I would be honest with them. I would say, 'Look at you. You're out of shape, go work out.' It would be sort of like 'The Biggest Loser' and 'American Idol' combined."

"And believe me, I'll find some Kelly Clarksons out there," Stern continued. First of all, I would have straightened out that Adam Lambert, number one. That's why his career tanked -- the kid had more publicity than anyone and he f---ed up. And Number 2, I wouldn't even put through that good looking kid who won, that Kris Allen. He never would have even been through."

The only person spared from Stern's wrath? General Larry Platt, who stole this season's audition rounds with "Pants on the Ground." "I like that song," said Stern. "He'd be in Hollywood right now, that guy."

When a listener asked Stern if consider keeping his radio show while judging "American Idol," the host responded, "Hell, no...I'm just gonna do what Oprah pulled on Sirius XM. I'm gonna ask Sirius for $50 million not to show up and i'll just record a phone conversation with [co-host] Robin [Quivers] once a week."