MySpace provided a glimpse into its future during an all-hands-on-deck meeting at the company's headquarters Thursday, featuring the introduction of the company's new co-president leadership team and unveiling of a tweaked product strategy.

The slogan for the strategy is Discover and Be Discovered, as first reported by TechCrunch and later confirmed by Billboard. Sources within the company speaking on background say the strategy isn't really all that new, just slightly redefined and repackaged to fit the vision of new co-presidents Jason Hirschhorn and Mike Jones over that of ousted former CEO Owen Van Natta.

In a nutshell, MySpace plans to create a number of automated filters and recommendation engines designed to help MySpace users discover new content, those making the content, and other fans of the content. Historically, MySpace was a place where fans who already discovered an artist through more traditional means - such as a concert or word of mouth - went to connect with that artist more deeply and get a direct stream of communication with both the artist and other fans. Going forward, MySpace hopes to more overtly make that initial connection within the confines of the network.

The MySpace Music service already features the first iterations of this strategy, which as reported earlier will find its way into the broader network. MySpace also silently launched a new activity stream that shows things like the music, video and links their friends are actively using.

Sources say MySpace will continue to quietly roll out new features up until a planned redesign, for which no timeline has yet been disclosed.

Jones emerged from the meeting as having the most direct oversight of MySpace Music, not Hirschhorn, which is interesting given Hirschhorn's past involvement with MTV's digital music service Urge. Jones will oversee all MySpace developer platforms, technology, international efforts, HR and general execution; while Hirschhorn will focus on product, marketing and PR. Both will be involved in company strategy.