Music videos account for 30.7% of YouTube traffic, according to research company Sysomos. The company tracks videos by measuring a video’s tags.

Entertainment videos ranked second at 14.6% of traffic. With 10.8% of views, people and blogs ranked third. News, comedy and sports fall in the 5% to 6% range.

Music is the most popular category for all age groups, but its lead over other categories falls as users get older. Bloggers age 20-35 are the most enthusiastic about embedding and linking to videos, accounting for 57% of all shared videos. Adults age 36-60 rank second (21%) and teen bloggers rank third (20%).

Of note is the difference in who links to different types of videos. Music blogs with small audiences actively share music and entertainment videos. Blogs with wider reach also actively post music videos but are far more likely to share news and politics videos.

At the top of the pile, major music groups account for nearly 65% of all time views of YouTube’s top 50 videos, according to TubeMogul.