A fire broke out just after 10:30 am this morning (March 2) at Manhattan's Criminal Court where Lil Wayne was set to be sentenced today. Now, rapper's court case for attempted criminal possession of a weapon has been canceled, along with the rest of the day's court cases.

There was a "little fire, but no Lil Wayne," David Bookstaver, a
spokesman for the Office of Court Administration, told Billboard.biz,
adding that the hearing has been scheduled for 2.15 pm tomorrow (March 3).

According to ABC's Channel 7, the fire broke out in the boiler room, which caused smoke to fill the lobby of the 17th floor Criminal Court building on 100 Centre Street. Hundreds of people have been evacuated; three minor injuries have been reported with the fire.

A cause hasn't been reported yet although the Office of Court Administration says the fire may have been caused by construction in the basement, reports NY1.