Although MTV makes extensive use of online social networking tools, it's not likely to be an acquirer of them, according to Van Toffler (pictured), president of MTV Networks Music and Logo Group.

During a keynote interview Thursday at the Billboard Music & Money Symposium, Toffler said that "we're not a technology company, we create content." More to the point, he noted that when social networking technologies are available for free, "it doesn't make that much sense to spend a lot of money to acquire them."

Other highlights:

--A number of former MTV executives now work at MySpace, including co-president Jason Hirschhorn and MySpace Music CEO Courtney Holt. "I believe in those guys,” Toffler said, noting that he expects the social network to work through its recent difficulties. What would MySpace look like today if MTV parent Viacom had succeeded in acquiring it in 2005 instead of losing out to News Corp.? It would have been much more integrated into the content that MTV creates, Toffler said.

--A Green Day version of the Rock Band video game is coming, but it won't include specialized hardware, like a Green Day-branded guitar controller, Toffler said.

--MTV has shifted the tone of its programming to be less cynical and snarky and more inspirational and aspirational, Toffler said. Why? Because that's what the network's millennial viewers want. Millennial viewers are less rebellious than their Gen-X forebears, he said, marveling that "they actually watch 'Jersey Shore' with their moms and dads."