Rock jam band Umphrey’s McGee is, again, using text messaging in an innovative way to direct their live performances. After holding several concerts during which the band would alter their improvisational jams based on keywords texted in from the audience—called “stews”—the band is taking the concept further with what it’s calling the UMBowl.”

The concert will feature four “quarters,” each with a different theme generated by the audience. From a release:

"The first quarter (Q1) will be an acoustic set entirely chosen by attendees; ticket holders will receive ballots and cast votes on the songs to be performed. Q2 will be a wholly improvised performance driven by bi-directional texting, sifted and delivered by “offensive coordinator” (and longtime Umphrey’s sound caresser) Kevin Browning to the band, which will then use the audience input to construct their jams. Q3 will be an all-request segment, with songs again determined by pre-balloting from the audience members. Fans will be able to vote not just on song selection but actually how those songs are arranged and varied from their original form. In Q4, the live audience will actually act as the group’s quarterback, “calling audibles” to direct the course of a free-flowing set via text messages sent to Browning in response to choices projected on an in-house screen."

Mobile messaging company Mozes powers the texting elements of the experience. The concert takes place in the Band’s hometown of Chicago.