A new mobile content sharing app called Lokast launched at the SXSW festival, from parent company NearVerse. The app allows people in the same local area - about 300 feet - to download content from one another so long as they both have the Lokast app installed. When launched, the app presents users with a list of other users in the area, and selecting each reveals what content that user has selected to share.

According to the company founders, music is a key focus of the SXSW launch. Songs shared are only short clips, with links to buy each at iTunes, from which the company takes a cut. Artists can also create their own Lokast accounts to give away or sell music directly - a nice feature to give away music at live events, for instance. The company has partnerships with such distribution companies as the Orchard, IODA and Monalis 360, and such artists as the Boxer Rebellion, the Ruse, Bazaar Royale, BlackMahal and Katia are using it to distribute music and videos to their audiences at live events.

From the release:

"LoKast, short for 'local-casting' aims to eliminate the need for physical media sharing, thereby eradicating physical CDs, plastic cases, video DVDs or waiting to get back to a PC computer to share and experience content. NearVerse launches LoKast at one of the largest, most-acclaimed media festivals in the United States, and is working with a variety of musicians and filmmakers who are spreading the word on their new music and films all from iPhone to nearby iPhone, or iPod to iPod."