Twitter was the undisputed king of SXSW three years ago when the service first broke out of obscurity during the multi-day event. Yesterday, the company’s CEO Evan Williams made his mark again, this time as a SXSW Interactive keynote, when he unveiled a new Twitter feature called @Anywhere.

The idea behind @Anywhere is for partner sites to integrate Twitter technology into their own, so that users can send tweets from any participating site. For instance, if incorporated the @Anywhere software, users could tweet their reactions to stories from a Twitter widget embedded in the homepage, rather than navigate to Twitter to do so (or a mobile phone).

Partners include, AdAge, Bing, CitySearch, Digg, eBay, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, The New York Times, Yahoo and YouTube. No launch date was given.

The most surprising thing about the new feature? AdWeek notes that it doesn’t contain any advertising features, something many expected the Twitter CEO to discuss during his keynote. The Huffington Post also noted how the crowd wanted to hear more information about how Twitter planned to earn money. When this wasn't addressed, disappointed SXSWers left the keynote mid-way through and lit up Twitter to air their disappointment in keynote moderator Umair Haque, director of the Havas Media Lab.

CNET speculates that @Anywhere is more of a shot against the similar Facebook Connect feature than a move against Google. Both aim for ubiquity of content over exclusiveness, said writer Caroline McCarthy. Visit the Guardian for a nice roundup of the features, what it means, and what questions remain outstanding.

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