- Gene Simmons-backed No Good TV filed for bankruptcy last month. Digital Media Wire confirmed the move during an e-mail exchange with co-president Kourosh Taj. The online TV site was notorious for airing uncensored videos, including many music videos. Taj says the company is undergoing a restructuring and plans to emerge from Chapter 11 protection in the near future. (Digital Media Wire)

- Paul Bonanos at GigaOm offers a refreshingly lucid list of reasons why he prefers not to use music subscription services. It skips the tired, ill-reasoned excuse that music fans don’t want to “rent” their music or complaints that the music goes away when you stop paying for the subscription. It instead focuses on the very real issues of playback quality, catalog (mostly due to licensing issues more than any technical fault of the service) and interoperability with other services/sites. They’re still rather nitpicky complaints, but at least they’re valid. (GigaOM)

- Forrester Research’s Sonal Gandhi offers her thoughts on what makes a great mobile music app. The breakdown: make it a game, make it social, include in-app purchasing, and have a promotional element that doesn’t feel like a promotional element. (Forrester Blog)