The German rapper Bushido stole parts of songs from the French band Dark Sanctuary and must now pay a sum of €63,000 ($84,000) in damages to the original composers, a court has ruled.

This concerns 13 Dark Sanctuary songs, parts of which Bushido used without permission.

In addition to the damages the regional court in Hamburg ruled on today (March 24), the court said he must also pay all royalties owed to the composers, the precise amount of which will not be determined until the final sales figures have been released.

Bushido's label ersguterjunge in Berlin partnered with Universal until 2008, then moved to a distribution deal with Sony Music. The label has been banned from selling any CDs featuring these songs.

The court ruled that 11 albums, singles and compilations containing the songs may no longer be sold. Records already shipped to retailers must be called back and destroyed by the label.

The members of the French group Dark Sanctuary commenced proceedings against Bushido, claiming that he had breached their copyrights by incorporating recordings of their music in his own productions. The court said in a statement: "The claim concerned a total of 28 sequences from four albums released by Dark Sanctuary between 1999 and 2004, which they argued had been used in slightly modified form as 'loops' on 16 Bushido tracks."

The records at the core of the dispute also include Bushido's top selling album "Von Der Skyline Sum Bordstein Zurück." The French composers recognized eight of their own songs on this album alone, which went platinum on sales of over 200,000 units. The album was released June 15, 2007.

In addition to "Von Der Skyline Sum Bordstein Zurück," the albums to be withdrawn from retail in accordance with the court ruling include the compilations "Bravo Hits 56," and "The Dome Vol. 41." The court identified the following tracks as plagiarism: "Sex in the City," "Bloodsport," "Goldrapper," "Es Ist OK," "Träne aus Blut" and "Wieder von Der Skyline Zum Bordstein Zurück," among others.

The track "Janine" includes Dark Sanctuary's song "Les Memoires Blessées," stated the court.

Attorneys Kathrin Busch and Alexander Duve told that the plaintiffs were the record company Sound Case in Milan and the French band Dark Sanctuary. Since April 2008, attempts had been made to come to an out-of-court settlement but ultimately litigation was commenced. Says Busch: "This unusually large case of plagiarism is presumably unprecedented in the history of German popular music."

The ruling of the Hamburg Regional Court is not yet final - the musician and his attorney may lodge an appeal against it. Sources said the rapper will appeal.

Sony Music, the Bushido label ersguterjunge and Universal Music declined to comment.