Guvera, a free, ad-supported music download site, quietly launched in public beta phase in the U.S. on Tuesday. The company launched in Australia last month.

Unlike previous ad-supported models, which offer streams or tethered downloads, Guvera will give users a limited number of DRM-free MP3 downloads. The service incorporates brands into its site rather than feature traditional display or video ads. Users select brands that will pay for their downloads and visit their “channels” to see what other music is available by that brand. Brands are integrated into the browsing and discovery process. That is a different tact that the one taken by Free All Music, another new ad-supported download site that plays a brief video ads before each download process begins.

Those brands are not yet on display to all users. After a Wednesday morning registration was complete, Guvera notified me I had only “pre-launch access” to browse the site and could not yet download songs. By completing my profile, I was told, I would be given a maximum number of downloads once available. However, tracks can currently be purchased for $1.59 a piece.

In order to receive full download credit, users must go to the “favorites” section of the site and tell Guvera their likes and dislikes in 11 categories such as music, gadgets and food.

Guvera has licensing deals with Universal Music Group, EMI and IODA. It raised $20 million from AMMA Private Investment, a consortium of private angel investors.