Apple has updated iTunes with a list of apps that will be available to buy and download for the iPad, which goes on sale Saturday (April 3). Users logging into the App Store can opt to view apps created for either the iPhone or the iPad.

Here are a few of the more notable music-related apps found after a quick review:

Shazam (free)
The company said a Shazam app was coming for the iPad during an event hosted by investors Kleiner Perkins March 31, but shared no details. According to the description in the App Store, the iPad version of Shazam will allow users to create, share and browse tag lists between users, send tagged songs via Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Tap Tap Radiation (free)
The next in line from the Tap Tap Revenge series of music rhythm games from Tapulous. Not much detail to go on, but seems like the buttons users must press to the rhythm of the game will not be as linear as that on the iPhone version, given the "off the rails" description listed in the store, but rather pop up anywhere on the larger screen. Will include songs with the download, as well as an in-app download store.

Pandora (free)
Much the same, but adds more details about artists being streamed from the service. "Lean in and read all about the artists you're hearing," reads the description. Also includes new station list with album art. User's stations are listed to the left of the player, rather than on a different screen.

Magic Piano ($3)
The latest app from the creators of I Am T-Pain, Smule has a piano app inspired by pianist Lang Lang. The piano keyboard is circular and spiral shaped rather than linear, where users can simply play freestyle or follow beams of light guiding them to the right notes for various songs. Users can play with any other user in the world via the networking connections.

StudioTrack ($40)
Designed as a songwriting tool for artists who want to record music on their iPad. Features multitrack recording, various sound and recording controls and the ability to download finished tracks to a desktop computer or recording software system.

Additionally, the app site AppAdvice has a list of more than 1,300 apps expected for the iPad App Store at launch.