A new interactive site from Devo is one of the most unique and progressive promotions I've seen from a major label. With Song Study, in which listeners choose which songs will make the band’s next album, Warners Bros. Records and Devo have achieved a great mix of promotion, research and high-tech humor.

Here’s how it works: you listen to samples of 16 songs and pick the 12 you think should be on the album. Jacob, the host, dons headphones each time a sample starts. Jacob bobs his head to the beat, occasionally answers a telephone and even drinks a glass of milk while the music plays.

Next, you pick the one song of the selected 12 you think is the best track. Then you are asked for your name, email address and location. Once you upload a picture (of yourself or anything else), you are taken to a page with bar graphs representing voters’ selection for top song. The cool part is each bar is built with the pictures submitted by voters. You can zoom in on each song’s bar to see the photos up close and view the voter’s name, location and any comments left.

Many artists have asked their fans for their input on favorite tracks ahead of an album’s release. In fact, fans have been tapped to create album artwork, videos and remixes. But Song Study is a unique, a clever way to preview an upcoming album and harvest email addresses. And Song Study is just Devo. No third-party sponsor.

The study is introduced with a letter by Greg Scholl, COO of Devo, Inc. Scholl is the former CEO of digital distributor The Orchard.