Spanish labels' group Promusicae has applauded the passing into law of the U.K.'s Digital Economy Act, and called on the Spanish government to "follow the British example."

The Act includes provisions for ISPs to write letters to suspected copyright infringers, following a complaint from rights holders. And U.K. telecoms regulator Ofcom could introduce technical measures and suspension of accounts, if the letter-writing does not make an impact on file-sharing.

The Spanish government is to present proposed legislation to parliament soon to allow Web sites that offer links to unauthorized content to be blocked or closed down completely. Promusicae president Antonio Guisasola acknowledged today (April 9) that "after many years of looking the other way", the Spanish government "is beginning to show a certain sensitivity towards the rights of creators in Internet."

But he added the government should see that the British and French anti-piracy legislations "constitute a clear reference and example" for Spanish legislators.

"The incredible possibilities offered by the digital world cannot be frustrated by the lack of scruples of those who rob from musicians and other creators," he said.