A new Web site encouraging consumers to report instances of music piracy has just been launched by the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand.

The site www.reportmusicpiracy.co.nz allows users to lodge a complaint with RIANZ about illegal musical activities, either by an email link or through a dedicated Music Piracy Phone Line.

In addition, there is downloadable information about how to spot pirate discs, plus a link to the industry association's consumer website www.lovemusic.co.nz, which brings together news and features about the latest music releases.

The launch of the site www.reportmusicpiracy.co.nz comes as the industry steps
up its activities against music pirates.

Chief executive Campbell Smith says piracy is a huge problem for the industry and RIANZ is actively monitoring the sale of pirate CDs nationwide. In the most recent case, a South Auckland retailer pleaded guilty to selling pirate copies of Michael Jackson and Eminem CDs; he is due to be sentenced on May 12.

"We prosecute in order to educate about copyright, to get the message out that it's wrong to make or sell pirated material," Smith says. "The police are right behind us on this and they really have done a great job in supporting our investigations and taking action against those infringing the law."