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12. Ray Boltz
Ray Boltz is a prominant christian musician who publicly came out as gay two years ago, he will be releasing his new album True. Not the only Christian singer to recently come out, Jennifer Knapp, whose album "Letting Go" will be coming out in a month, has recently announced in an interview that she is a lesbian and has been in a relationship with a woman for 8 years.

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Stock Closings 4/16
Cumulus Media (CMLS): $4.97 (-0.03) (-0.60%)
Apple (AAPL): $247.40 (-1.52) (-0.61%)
Vivendi (VIV): $27.10 (-0.25) (-0.91%)
Dow Jones Industrial (DJI): $11,018.66 (-125.91) (-1.13%)
NASDAQ Composite (COMPX): $2,481.26 (-34.43) (-1.37%)
Sirius XM Radio (SIRI): $1.08 (-0.03) (-2.70%)
Sony Corp. (SNE): $35.56 (-1.13) (-3.08%)
RealNetworks (RNWK): $4.42 (-0.16) (-3.49%)
Live Nation (LYV): $15.39 (-0.59) (-3.69%)
Trans World (TWMC): $1.80 (-0.08) (-4.26%)
Warner Music Group (WMG): $7.42 (-0.46) (-5.84%)
Citadel Broadcasting Corp. (CTDB): $0.2615 (-0.0375) (-12.54%)