Bust out your disheveled wedding dresses, cone bras and Kabbalah water - tonight Fox's "Glee" will unveil its first episode to be dedicated to one artist in its entirety with "The Power of Madonna."

Putting together a weekly television show is a rigorous experience even under normal circumstances, but the all-Madonna-all-the-time tribute came with some extra pressures.

At first, Team Madonna said no to the usage of her songs in the show, according to "Glee" music supervisor P.J. Bloom. "With respect, we had gone in cold with little explanation as to what 'Glee' and [creator Ryan Murphy's] episode plan was," he says. "Once we laid the groundwork, Ryan closed the deal with an amazing appeal in letter form to Madonna, not just as the creator and driving force behind the show but as a true life-long fan."

Madonna and her manager, Guy Oseary, then offered up her catalogue to the show, and the episode was a team effort by Bloom and Heather Guibert on the production side, Wendy Christiansen and Pat Woods at Warner/Chappell, Marlies Dwyer at the law firm Grubman Indursky & Shire and Geoff Bywater, head of the music department at 20th Century Fox Television.

"It took several weeks to hammer out the overall deal," Bloom says. "It wasn't easy, but everyone associated with this unique event wanted to see it happen."

Once that was done, the songs that appear in the show and on the "The Power of Madonna" soundtrack that is being released today were recorded in a matter of days, according to producer Adam Anders. "We did the music first, and then taped the show," Anders says. "I think it's the biggest, best episode of TV maybe ever."

"The Power of Madonna" is expected to debut high on next week's Billboard 200 albums chart, likely behind a No. 1 arrival from AC/DC's "Iron Man 2" soundtrack. (For more Madonna chart kismet, check out Gary Trust's Chart Beat today here. As it turns out, Madonna was No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week in 1989 thanks to her album "Like a Prayer.")

Fox smartly sneak-peeked a bit of tonight's show during "Glee's" rating bonanza of a debut last week: actress Jane Lynch's doing a shot-by-shot remake of Madonna's video for "Vogue." "[Ryan] did five sets for just that one song," Anders laughs. "He's out of his mind. It's just incredible."