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20. Crystal Bowersox People Get Ready
Crystal Bowersox sang Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" on last night's American Idol. Using her own mic stand from home and breaking into tears at the end, her performance was one of few that garnered positive reactions from the judges with Simon Cowell calling it "inspirational."

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2. Videoclip Ay Haiti
3. Ay! Haiti
4. OMG- usher feat will i am
5. B.o.B. Feat. Eminem & Hayley (Part 2) - Airplanes
6. EN TUS TIERRAS BAILARE. Wendy, Delfín y La Tigresa. Juntos por primera vez.
7. Kylie Minogue - Announcement
8. Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth (Rest In Peace Guru 1966-2010)
9. Taylor Swift - Change (LIVE at ACM Awards 2010) HQ
10. Airplanes - B.o.B.

Youtube Most Viewed This Week
1. Justin Bieber Skit on SNL (Teacher gets in LOVE) *Blocked by NBC on grounds of copyright
2. Bump of Chicken
3. Ligabue - "Un colpo all'anima"
4. ABDC Champions for Charity
5. Charice - "Pyramid" Featuring Iyaz - Official Music Video
6. "Telephone" Lady Gaga Music Video "Don't be a Bully"
7. Lady Gaga Bad Romance Live Paparazzi Performance Rivals Telephone Ft Beyonce Music Video
8. Telephone - Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce - Classical Cover by Aston
9. Mehrzad Marashi - Don't believe lyrics *Removed due to copyright claim by Azar
10. Nike Music Store

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1. I Like Big Butterfingers - Sir Mix-A-Lot Returns

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1. Pop Songs Use the Same 4 Chords
2. Whitney Murders I Will Always Love You [vid]
3. I Like Big Butterfingers - Sir Mix-A-Lot Returns
4. Nike Music Store

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1. Michael Jackson Themed Cirque du Soleil Show in the Works

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