Elvis Crespo brought laughs to the Billboard Latin Music Conference on Tuesday, as he held forth on tropical music and the state of the industry.

In a one-on-one session with Billboard’s executive director of Latin content and programming Leila Cobo, the merengue star said he got the idea for his signature hit, “Suavemente,” in the shower.

A sunglasses-clad Crespo described his slightly nasal singing voice as inspired by a woman selling bananas on the street in his hometown of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, not far from the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza--where this week’s conference is taking place.

Crespo, who had been signed to Sony, is releasing his next album on his own yet-to-be-named label. He described the album’s sound as “merengue mambo and bachata.” The album will have an urban touch, with guest features from Voltio, Bachata Heightz and Angel y Khriz.

Crespo got up from his chair, ran around the stage and even did jumping jacks when recounting how he’d show up to the major labels excited to play his new songs for the executives. With an exaggeratedly bored expression on his face, Crespo parodied some lazy honchos he’d worked with. “They ask the secretary if she likes the song,” he said. “What’s the secretary going to tell him?”