Losing a drummer is a wrench. But waving goodbye to your drummer second time 'round isn't such a drama. That's the way Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale sees it.

Wolfmother is once again a different beast after the group this past week confirmed the departure of Dave Atkins, the sticks man who came on board for the recording of the rockers' sophomore album "Cosmic Egg."

After two years' service with the outfit, Atkins apparently wanted to get off the road and devote more time to his domesticated side. "Being in this band there's a lot of touring, there's a lot of traveling," Stockdale tells Billboard.biz. "I guess he got to the point where he needs to spend more time at home with his family."

A Grammy Award and multiple million sales welcomed the 2006 self-titled debut album release. But Wolfmother was caught in a trap when keyboardist/bassist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett deserted the band in 2008.

In entered Atkins, a one-time drummer with Brisbane alternative rock act Pangaea and hip hop collective Resin Dogs, along with relative newcomers in guitarist Aidan Nemeth and Ian Peres on bass and keys. "Cosmic Egg" opened at No. 16 on the Billboard 200 last November, eclipsing the No. 22 peak of its predecessor in May 2006.

"He's really kicked ass for Wolfmother," says Stockdale. "When we started [with the new lineup], it was like Dave was running with the baton. He just wanted to get Wolfmother happening. He was a good motivator to get me started and to encourage the band, and he brought everyone together."

After auditioning potential drummers in L.A., the new arrival behind the kit is American Will Rockwell-Scott, who has played with Mooney Suzuki and Har Mar Superstar.

Rockwell-Scott should be a good fit for the band's retro-metal sound. "He's like a Mitch Mitchell," explains Stockdale. "He's bringing back a good, classic rock style."

Wolfmother is currently on a three-week break, after which time the band will head to Europe for an extensive trek which will include a handful of shows with Kiss, and appearances at Britain's Download Festival, German's Rock Am Ring fests and Oxegen Festival in Ireland.

Billboard.biz caught up with Stockdale in Melbourne on Wednesday night before he joined Slash on-stage for the MTV Classic launch concert, where the pair teamed for a rendition of "By The Sword" from the new album "Slash" (Sony Music), and the track "Woman" from "Wolfmother" (Modular/Universal).

Will there be any more collaborations between the two axe-men? "I think we might," says Stockdale. "We had a jam playing flamenco. I used to play flamenco guitar when I was a teenager, I know Slash is into it. Maybe we'll make a flamenco record."