Add another app store to the mix, this time for Web applications rather than mobile apps.

At its I/O developer conference this week, Google revealed details for the Chrome Web Store, designed to make both free and paid Web apps available to those using its Chrome Web browser. Actually, the apps will run on all browsers, but Chrome users will have the added benefit of installing these apps directly into the browser itself as a sort of bookmark. No details yet on available apps.

The store will be available to users and developers later this year.

Meanwhile, Google's Android mobile platform continues to gain steam. According to mobile ad network Millennial Media, ad requests from Android devices increased 77% from in April from the previous month, and have grown 282% since January. That's 10% of overall ad impressions, making Android the third-largest mobile operating system on the Millennial Media network and the fastest growing of them all.

The conference also featured a panel of venture capitalists debating the right pricing strategies for mobile apps. The consensus seems to be that with in-app purchasing now available, it makes more sense to give apps away for free and then monetize through content sales. This is what music-app services like Tap Tap Revenge do, and it seems to be catching on as a strategy.