That unlimited data plan you were required to get from AT&T when you bought your iPhone? It’s about to get limited after all. AT&T introduced a new set of data plans that opt for a more tiered approach based on usage (also called metered pricing), with plans to do away with unlimited plans altogether.

The high-end plan, called DataPro, provides 2GB of data a month for $25. That’s the equivalent of about 4,000 Internet pages, 10,000 e-mails or 200 minutes of streaming video. If that limit is passed, AT&T will charge $10 for each 1 GB afterwards. A lower-end DataPlus plan costs $15 a month for a 200 MB limit, which works out to about 1,000 e-mails, 400 Internet pages and 20 minutes of streaming video. If passed, AT&T simply adds another 200 MB limit for the same price.

The new rates apply to all new iPhone or iPad customers. Existing contracts with the unlimited plan won’t change until the contracts are expired, at which point customers can choose to continue with the unlimited play as a grandfathered-in option or revert to the new plans.
Whether this has any impact on people using their phones to stream music is something that remains to be seen. AT&T says 98% of its smartphone customers use less than 2 GB a month currently.