After winning a request to find LimeWire liable for copyright infringement, the RIAA is following up with a request for a permanent injunction against the peer-to-peer service.

The RIAA submitted the filing Friday, in advance of Monday's scheduled status hearing in its ongoing lawsuit against LimeWire. The organization cited the continued ability of LimeWire users to download free music as causing "irreparable harm."

Last month, the judge in the two-year case granted the RIAA's request for summary judgment. Since then, the RIAA says in the injunction filing, "LimeWire does not appear to have done anything to change its illegal ways. Every recording on the 'Billboard Top 40' chart of most popular pop recordings today is available through the LimeWire software, as is every song on the current Top 40 Country, Top 40 Rock and Top 40 Latin Pop charts. The Top 40 songs from 2008 and 2009 remain freely available for downloading... Every day that Lime Wire's conduct continues unabated guarantees harm to Plaintiffs that money damages cannot and will not compensate."

LimeWire, meanwhile, hopes to use Monday's status hearing to point out the flaws in the judge's original ruling in hopes of potentially having it reversed or amended.