-- SonicBids has acquired ArtistData, an online platform that allows artists to update their many online profiles from one place. The site currently has 25,000 musicians using its service while SonicBids has 245,000 users. At the company blog, ArtistData founder Brenden Mulligan says the service will still offer a free level of service and the paid level of service will be free until September 1. Mulligan joins SonicBids as the VP strategic development. (ArtistData)

-- Ireland’s Sunday Business Post reports Vodafone will “soon enter into discussions with IRMA (Irish Recorded Music Association) on how to deal with Vodafone customers who infringe copyright online.” Eircom, Ireland’s largest ISP, implemented a three-strikes policy at the end of May. IRMA supplies to Eircom the ISP addresses of suspected file sharers. Eircom follows up with letters and phone calls. Disconnection could follow for those who continue to infringe. This pilot campaign will be assessed after three months. (Sunday Business Post)

-- On Thursday, the FCC will meet to begin a debate on the future of Internet regulation. Will the Internet be classified as a common carrier (and subject to much stricter regulation) or will it continue to be classified as an information service? The outcome should impact investments in Internet and technology companies as well as policies such as net neutrality. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski wants reclassification. Bills have been submitted in both the House and Senate to limit the FCC’s funding to effectively prevent it from further regulating the Internet. (FCC.gov)

-- Tom Petty has a partnership with newspaper publisher Tribune Co. that has created a Web hub with content, videos and tracks from Petty’s new release, "Mojo." See an example here. There’s definitely potential in getting great content to newspaper readers in major markets, but these web pages are lackluster and couldn’t be more bland. Links to a promotion and audio of Petty’s new single lead to nowhere. Considering the robust microsites regularly created for marketing campaigns, and keeping in mind some of the content-rich pages blogs are now able to create, the Tribune-Petty partnership looks like a real disappointment. (Chicago Tribune)

-- Three Pandora advertisers – Starbucks, Lexus and Budweiser – are the first to be featured on Pandora’s iPad app. Their Pandora advertising campaigns has video, audio and interactive capabilities the company calls “eye-popping creative” (Press release)

Assorted Links
-- Australia may force ISPs to store web surfing history. (3news.co.nz)

-- The Musician’s Guide to The 360 Record Deal (Music Think Tank)