While other game publishers held press conferences featuring big-screen game trailers of their fall titles, Activision put the action all on the stage.

In a multi-artist extravaganza usually reserved for awards shows like the Grammys, Activision wowed the gathered press and partners attending E3 for a first-of-its-kind musical review that doubled as a preview event for its upcoming games.

Not surprisingly, the game reveals began with details from "DJ Hero 2" and "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock." Performing live in support of "DJ Hero 2" were Usher, Deadmau5, David Guetta and DJ Z-Trip. Guetta spoke to Billboard prior to the event to express his excitement about being included.

"A lot of people in our [dance] community only want to hear one thing, like house or trance," said Guetta, who did his own motion capture to include his likeness and DJ style in the game. "This game is maxing all that and that's great. It's about discovering new music, and that's very positive. It's about vision and understanding music in a rhythmic way."

In support of the next "Guitar Hero" were Jane's Addiction, Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, and Tool's Maynard James Keenan performing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" with a choir.

And if that wasn't enough acts for the late-running evening, Activision also tapped artists that have songs appearing in upcoming non-music related games as well. N.E.R.D. performed music that will appear in the upcoming "True Crime: Hong Kong," while Eminem closed the show with a literal bang in support of "Call Of Duty: Black Ops." Joining him at one point was Rhianna, performing their duet "Love the Way You Lie."