The French three-strike 'Hadopi' law, which was passed in September 2009, has passed a major hurdle for its actual implementation.

Data protection regulator CNIL has authorized music rights holders' requests to automatically track IP addresses of illegal downloaders within the frame defined in the Hadopi law.

The rights holders who filed the requests with CNIL are music collecting societies SPPF (for independent labels), SCPP (for labels including the four majors), Sacem and SDRM (both for songwriters and publishers).

While the Hadopi body says it will be ready to issue warnings by the end of the month, CNIL's authorization is one of the two missing elements for the first warnings to be sent. There are also some government decrees detailing how the law will be applied, which are also expected by the end of June.

In a statement, SPPF expressed its satisfaction with CNIL's decision and
stressed it would be following closely the implementation of the graduated
response by Hadopi and its impact on online piracy.

Hadopi's secretary general Eric Walter will be interviewed for the June 25 edition of Billboard magazine.