Live video hosting service Ustream has put out a mobile app platform for artists to extend their live video onto mobile devices, called the Ustream Live Mobilizer. From the release:

How the platform works:
--Creation of custom-branded apps: Each app includes Ustream's live video broadcasting platform so artists can create their own branded shows from anywhere.
--Social media and merchandise: Ustream Live Mobilizer integrates an individual's social media networks for conversations that extend across networks and build buzz while on-the-go. Live Mobilizer offers easy connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, iTunes, web stores and other leading sites.
--Revenue-generation: Ustream Live Mobilizer gives full pricing and monetization control to artists, brands and companies. The app offers a variety of revenue opportunities, including merchandizing and ticketing options for premium content. The price for the app itself may be free or offered for a price.
--Proven technology and mobile infrastructure: Ustream's globally-reliable broadcasting technology and existing mobile applications give Ustream Live Mobilizer apps the best-in-class infrastructure for delivering streams to millions of consumers and fans.

The first artist taking advantage is Miley Cyrus, with her Allstar Weekend app, which is basically a listening party for her new album “Cant’ Be Tamed.” Cyrus is streaming the album in its entirety for five days until the official release June 21.