-- Pandora dominates Internet radio with a 28% share of the over-12 Internet population, according to figures by Arbitron and Edison Research. Among heavy social networkers, Pandora has a 40% share. That creates a competitive advantage, says Edison. “These consumers' propensity for posting status updates and other content, combined with Pandora's recent moves to integrate with Facebook, will likely position Pandora as the dominant music discovery brand online.” (Business Insider, Edison Research)

-- From the Financial Times comes an indication that Terra Firma may not have been totally forthcoming with its investors about its plans for EMI’s future. “Investors in Terra Firma were bemused by the news (of Roger Faxon’s promotion to head of EMI Music), as many had not heard of the planned shake-up before they approved a £105m cash injection to save EMI from being taken over by Citigroup, its sole lender.” (Financial Times)

-- There is some speculation in South Korea that Apple may be preparing to enter that country’s digital music market. There’s not much evidence, however. Apple now allows for mobile access to podcasts and iTunes U services of iTunes, and it has delayed the approval of some competitors’ music apps. An Apple spokesperson downplayed such an interpretation, saying the company is now allowing access to those services anywhere the iTunes app store is available. “It has no special meaning,” he said. (Korea Herald)

Assorted Links
-- Digital distributor INgrooves is delivering frontline content to Vevo. (Press release)

-- Music streaming service Muziic has amassed 250 million views without a single licensing agreement with content owners. (TechCrunch)

-- Actor Johnny Depp is starting a record label. (The Sun)

-- Measuring direct-to-fan success. (Scott Feldman)