Univision Radio has flipped longtime tropical Miami station WRTO La Kalle (98.3 FM) to a bilingual format that will play tracks in English and Spanish. The new station, which launched today (June 24), is WURM, Mix 98.3.

Although La Kalle, like many other Spanish language station, played the occasional English language track, the flip to an outright bilingual format reflects the increasingly diverse listenership of Miami and other major U.S. cities. In Los Angeles, KXOL (Latino 96.3 FM) also features a bilingual playlist. To a lesser extent, KMVK (Mega, 107.5 FM) in Dallas, Fort Worth, and WMGE (La Mega, 94.9 FM) in Miami play approximately 20% English language songs.

WURM belongs to Univision Radio, which has steadily moved its other Miami station, pop stalwart WAMR (Amor, 1075 FM) toward a more recurrent-heavy format.