Guess what? Apple is still planning on a cloud-music service.

Know what else? Nobody still knows what’s going on.

Apple has yet to present its complete plans to the labels, the labels have yet to strike any licensing deals, and there’s still no timeframe for launch. All of this is pretty well summarized in a mid-June Billboard article . Yet this week's post by Boy Genius Report blog stirred up the Apple frenzy with a post that pretty much repackages everything we already know and don’t know about Apple’s plans and drops a “reliable Apple sources” attribution on it all. We know it’ll have some kind of cloud-to-device and device-to-device streaming capability. And we know Apple is looking at wireless syncing to iTunes.

There's, of course, legitimate reasons for the wild interest in what Apple is planning. Bloomberg BusinessWeek did a good job of summarizing the issues that Billboard has been reporting on, regarding the music industry and the ever-evolving digital space. Simply put, downloads are flattening out and ringtones sales are falling. We’re moving to a streaming, access-based world, and the economics of that are questionable at best.

Apple, and fellow rumor-bait Google, both have some kind of cloud-based strategies in mind and both have the technical prowess and consumer following to force en-masse shifts in consumer behavior. Moving to a cloud-based access model could create the kind of sustainable long-term business model that would free the music industry from the roller-coaster results it’s experienced over the last decade as it chased each new digital trend. So what Google and Apple do is important. And when there’s news to report on those fronts, Billboard will be there.

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