U.K. telcos BT and Talk Talk are seeking a judicial review of the Digital Economy Act, which was voted through parliament in April.

The BBC reports that the two Internet Service Providers want the High Court to clarify the legality of the new law.

BT and Talk Talk claim it was rushed through parliament and has had "insufficient scrutiny." The want clarity as to whether the act conflicts with EU legislation.

The Act will introduce a warning system for copyright infringement online. There are also provisions within the Act to enable the government to decide whether telecoms regulator Ofcom should introduce technical measures including suspension of Internet accounts, if there has not been a substantial reduction in illegal downloading after a year.

Ofcom is currently working on implementing the code of practice for ISPs and the warning system, which is due to take effect early 2011.

The code will initially only cover the larger fixed-line Internet Service Providers with more than 400,000 subscribers: BT, Talk Talk, Virgin Media, Sky, Orange, O2 and the Post Office.

"We believe measures are consistent with EU legislation and that there are enough safeguards in place to protect the rights of consumers and ISPs and will continue to work on implementing them," said a statement from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.