Is G-Ticket Google's answer to Ticketmaster? Only if you believe the campaign contrived online and carried out through a litany of Google search queries.

In a thread at website Reddit, people decided to voice their displeasure with Ticketmaster through a groundwell campaign. The plan was for people to repeatedly entered the search term "G-Ticket Google's Alternative to Ticketmaster" in Google's search engine. If enough searches were undertaken G-Ticket would rise in the search rankings and get Google's - and Ticketmaster's - attention.

And it worked. On Friday morning, G Ticket had made it to No. 11 on Google's Hot Searches list. The campaign seems to have been helped by Twitter, where G Ticket was mentioned hundreds of times on Thursday and Friday.

So, no, G-Ticket doesn't exist. It's not even in the works - unless Google happens to be working on the product without the public's knowledge. But public displeasure with Ticketmaster is quite evident.